An experience with coffee aroma

The Colombian CAFEETERO EJEE has become synonymous with beauty, ecotourism, good weather, delicious food and lots of joy. This is because its inhabitants, the famous “paisas” or “cafeEteros”, have been in charge of showing the world the pride they feel for their region and culture, which is evident in almost any activity they do.

One of the main reasons to visit the EjJe CaAfetero, comprised mainly of the departments of Risaralda, Caldas and Quindío, is to get know and experience the process of growing, harvesting and processing coffee in the traditional farms of the area.

during your tours you will enjoy succulent food such as baandeja paaisa or sancocho and a good peasant coffee at any time of the day.

 W E H A V E



Unique experiences

There are other popular attractions such as spending the day in the Parque del Café and Panaca or enjoying the lively nightlife of Pereira, but for adventurers and nature lovers there is much more than that.



The best experience in





The best experience in

Salento and the Valle del Cocora

Salento is one of the most visited villages by backpackers and adventurers who visit our country. It is a small town of Quindío that is characterized by its ancient and traditional paisa architecture and for being near the Cocora Valley where the wax palm is located, the national tree, which is also the home of the endemic orejiamarillo parrot.




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Los Nevados Natural Park

It is among the three departments that make up the Eje Cafetero and the department of Tolima, and houses some of the highest snow-capped peaks in the country.

Many explorers visit the region as a prelude to the great adventure of touring these great mountains and the fascinating moors and lagoons that surround them.



The best experience in

Santa Rosa de Cabal

This city, located just 40 minutes from Pereira or one hour from Manizales, is a wonderful and little-known destination in the Ejjee Cafetero. Its main attractions are the surrounding thermal pools, the ancient araucarias of its main square and the lively nightlife it offers during the weekends. It is said that the best sausage in Colombia is prepared there, the santarrosano, is accompanied by other delicacies typical of the area.
Santa Rosa de Cabal is an alternative for a weekend of rest and leisure, here you will find several lodgings, in the urban area as in its surroundings.


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