Events Pereira


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At ZiOne Luxury Hotel we deliver moments, sensations and authentic experiences, directing and focusing all the resources and efforts of a unique and qualified team, our only goal is to guarantee the total success of your event.

Social Events

Capacity for Social Events (weddings, birthdays, business dinners) of 130 people. We provide Food and Beverage Service (snacks, dinners, Champagne, Welcome cocktails) The Service includes, chairs, tables, linens, kitchenware. The entry of all kinds of decorations is allowed. Cake entry is allowed. Maximum time event 12 at night.

Corporate Events

We have 1 room on the 4th floor Capacity for Corporate Events Accommodation In school or in U would be 25 people. Accommodation in Auditorium for 50 people. We provide the Food and Beverage service (snacks, breakfasts, lunches)

Servicio de Catering

We cover the events in places of the City of Pereira and Dosquebradas. We have our services of Food, Assembly, Service of Waiters to Address in the city of Pereira and Dosquebradas

Benefits included in the salon

A decrease in the contracted consumption is accepted 24 hours before the event, after having informed the final total of the consumption, this cannot be modified and this amount will be prepared and must be paid in full, if they do not consume everything contracted, this will remain in favor of you to be consumed or packaged.

Exclusive Location

ZiOne Luxury Pereira hotel is located on the ring road; a privileged and favourite area; renowned for being surrounded by the main shopping centres, the most prestigious financial and health institutions, select restaurants, and surrounded by the best residential sector. The hotel within its varied and innovative services also has in its facilities: restaurant and SPA ZIONE


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