Experiences Pereira

A coffee aroma experience

The Colombian Coffee Growing Axis has become synonymous with beauty, ecotourism, good weather, delicious food, and much joy. This is because its inhabitants, the famous “paisas” or “cafeteros”, have taken it upon themselves to show the world the pride they feel in their region and culture, which is evident in almost any activity they carry out.


One of the main reasons to visit the Eje Cafetero, which is mainly comprised of the departments of Risaralda, Caldas and Quindío, is to learn about the process of growing, harvesting and processing coffee in the traditional farms of the area.


In addition, during your tours you will enjoy succulent dishes such as bandeja paisa or sancocho and a good country red wine at any time of the day.



There are other popular attractions such as spending the day at the Parque del Café and Panaca theme parks or enjoying Pereira’s lively nightlife, but for the adventurous and nature lover there is much more to it than that.

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